What to eat for your lunch: A French snack or two

Cucumber salad, grilled cheese, french fries, pickles and coleslaw are all good options, but what if you just need a quick lunch?

You could eat your French snack in a bowl and have a good time, or you could make a sandwich and have the best lunch ever.

Here’s how to make a French snack and have it taste just like the one you ordered.

First things first: What is a French sandwich?

A French sandwich is a sandwich made with a French roll, and typically contains french fries and a cheese spread, as well as a side of salad.

In America, it’s a popular snack for the middle and upper class.

Here in the United Kingdom, however, it is a staple for the working class.

And it’s one of the most popular foods in Europe.

It’s usually eaten with a slice of bread and a slice or two of butter, although you could also choose a cheese roll, tomato, avocado or other fruit.

French snacks are popular in America, where they are known as french rolls, because they usually contain a sandwich with a roll and cheese spread.

But the roll could be a whole bag of chips, or even just one slice of cheese.

In Europe, the French snack is called a “roll”, which translates to “stick” or “ball” in French.

For the French, a French-style roll is called “loin roll”.

You’ll find it most often in France’s restaurants, cafes and fast-food joints, but it can also be found at most grocery stores.

What you’ll need for this sandwich: French roll French roll is one of many kinds of French rolls that can be made at home.

A few of the different kinds of rolls include: French rolls made with butter and cream Cheese rolls, made with cheese and oil Bread rolls, usually with a bread and cheese mixture or a mix of cheese and cream

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