Food allergy test for young children to confirm symptoms

Kids can test for food allergies at home by asking questions on a food-related test called a food allergy test.

It is also available in Australia.

The test can be administered in either person or by telephone.

The number to call is on the back of the test.

To be eligible, you must be at least 3 years old and have not had a food or drink allergy in the last six months.

The child or young person must be accompanied by an adult who understands the test and has no food allergies.

Food allergies include: hay fever, hay fever syndrome, rhinovirus, coronavirus, shellfish allergy, food sensitivities to eggs, nuts and fish, wheat allergy, and dairy allergies.

A food allergy is not food-specific.

It can include food with different chemical structures.

You can get a diagnosis of food allergies by taking a blood test.

Food allergy symptoms are often similar to other food sensitisations, such as hay fever or peanut allergy.

They include: difficulty swallowing or swallowing, feeling sick or feverish, sneezing, and skin problems.

Symptoms can vary from mild to severe.

Children may experience some side effects of food allergy, such a dry mouth, dry throat or trouble breathing.

Other symptoms include: feeling sick, fever, muscle pain, and swelling in the face, neck or legs.

A child who has a food allergic reaction may have other symptoms, such shortness of breath or cough.

They may have trouble concentrating, trouble talking, or feeling tired.

They can also have trouble walking, feeling unsteady, or feel as though they are unable to control their breathing.

Symptoms of a food allergies reaction include: wheezing or a severe cough, swelling in your throat, or a rapid heartbeat or lightheadedness,

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