A keto sweet snack pack is coming soon!

By now, you’ve heard of the Keto Hot Chocolate & Waffles.

The recipe for this hot chocolate was developed by the author, Krista.

Now, Kristy is bringing this recipe to life for us, with a new sweet snack recipe that combines sweet and savory flavors.

The snack pack includes 10 different flavors including a sweet & savory waffle, a chocolate chip waffle & a strawberry waffle.

The sweet waffle recipe is made with the ingredients from the Waffle & Cake recipe.

You’ll find the Waffles, Strawberry Waffles & Chocolate Chip waffles recipe here on the blog.

This waffle waffle will give your morning a tasty twist!

The recipe will be available in a waffle tin, muffin tin, or in the form of a single serving waffle sandwich.

The waffle snack pack comes with a 2-ounce container of sweetened condensed milk and a generous amount of chocolate chips.

It also comes with two sweetened whipped cream toppings, a strawberry and chocolate chip topping, and a strawberry & chocolate chip dipping sauce. 

The sweet waffles are perfect for a sweet morning snack.

I’ve used the Wafers & Cream recipe to make these in the past and they are perfect!

The whipped cream topping adds a nice sweetness, while the chocolate chip dip adds a crunchy richness.

The strawberry & chip waffles make for a decadent, sweet treat!

You’ll love these tasty, crunchy waffles.

Kristy’s recipe is so simple, you can whip up your own.

Krista is a very accomplished food writer who has been cooking and baking since she was six years old.

You can find Krista’s recipes and recipe ideas at Krista’s Food Blog . 

You can also follow Krista on Instagram  @KristaLambert . 

To find out more about Krista, check out her blog, Kristas Food Blog.

You may also want to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where you’ll find recipes, tips, and recipes that she shares daily.

You might also want to follow her on YouTube  @kristalsfoodblog and Pinterest  @ketofoodblog

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