A keto sweet snack pack is coming soon!

By now, you’ve heard of the Keto Hot Chocolate & Waffles.

The recipe for this hot chocolate was developed by the author, Krista.

Now, Kristy is bringing this recipe to life for us, with a new sweet snack recipe that combines sweet and savory flavors.

The snack pack includes 10 different flavors including a sweet & savory waffle, a chocolate chip waffle & a strawberry waffle.

The sweet waffle recipe is made with the ingredients from the Waffle & Cake recipe.

You’ll find the Waffles, Strawberry Waffles & Chocolate Chip waffles recipe here on the blog.

This waffle waffle will give your morning a tasty twist!

The recipe will be available in a waffle tin, muffin tin, or in the form of a single serving waffle sandwich.

The waffle snack pack comes with a 2-ounce container of sweetened condensed milk and a generous amount of chocolate chips.

It also comes with two sweetened whipped cream toppings, a strawberry and chocolate chip topping, and a strawberry & chocolate chip dipping sauce. 

The sweet waffles are perfect for a sweet morning snack.

I’ve used the Wafers & Cream recipe to make these in the past and they are perfect!

The whipped cream topping adds a nice sweetness, while the chocolate chip dip adds a crunchy richness.

The strawberry & chip waffles make for a decadent, sweet treat!

You’ll love these tasty, crunchy waffles.

Kristy’s recipe is so simple, you can whip up your own.

Krista is a very accomplished food writer who has been cooking and baking since she was six years old.

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