How Canadian food has changed since it was a colonial monopoly

Canadian food is not the same as American food.

The country is home to more than a dozen varieties of fruits, vegetables, and grains, some of which are indigenous.

Canada has a long history of exporting produce from the United States, including fresh berries, squash, and vegetables.

But for the past decade, Canada has been exporting almost exclusively to the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and France.

The first Canadian imports of European produce came in 2002.

The next five years saw more than 50,000 tons of British produce exported to the U.K., the U-23s to France, and about 70,000 to France.

British and French produce were shipped to Canada in bulk, and most of the rest of the time, it was exported.

In 2011, the Canadian government announced plans to export about $50 billion worth of food in 2016, with a portion of the food destined for the U,K., Germany, and other markets.

The U.S. has long maintained an export ban on British and U.A.E. produce.

While Canada has made efforts to open up its borders, it has yet to do so to the same extent as the U

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