Snack table at new cake shop opens in Brooklyn

Cake shop The Cake Shop has opened in Brooklyn, New York, the company announced.

The shop will feature a variety of desserts that range from ice cream to cookies, and will be located in the space formerly occupied by The Doughnut, the new Brooklyn bakery.

The bakery, which will feature both bakery and pastry, will also have a large bar and kitchen, the bakery said in a statement.

The Cake Shop will also feature an extensive catering program.

The bakery will offer a range of products from cakes to pies and coffee.

A new bakery in Brooklyn has opened.

This cake shop is going to be really fun.

They’re going to make it so fun, I can’t wait.

– Cake shop owner (1:58)The Cake Store opened its doors in January at the former Doughnut location.

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