How to eat less on Halloween

From a nutritional standpoint, Halloween is a great time to try to eat healthier.

For some, it’s even a great opportunity to try something new.

But what is the right way to eat a Halloween meal?

This is a guide to help you decide.


A salad The classic salad is a salad topped with an avocado.

But there are many ways to use an avocado as a snack.

This recipe is a simple version, but can be made with the following ingredients: 1 small avocado, sliced thin (about 2 1/2 ounces) 1 small cucumber, sliced thinly (about 1 ounce) 1 medium cucumber (about 4 ounces) 3 tablespoons chopped parsley (about 3 ounces) 6 to 8 handfuls dried cranberries (about 8 ounces) For a more intense taste, you can substitute other ingredients like guacamole or tortilla chips.


Applesauce or honey mustard This classic apple sauce is made from a mixture of vinegar and honey.

It’s great for Halloween.

For a low-carb version, you could use a simple vinegar and olive oil sauce instead.


Pumpkin soup, or chili apple soup This recipe, which is popular among Halloween devotees, uses pumpkin as a main ingredient.

The main ingredient is pureed pumpkin seeds, chopped.

For the sauce, combine the ingredients in a blender or food processor.


Sweet potato salad The most popular sweet potato salad is called the “crusted corn” or the “peanut butter and jelly.”

But it’s not just a corn salad.

Instead of a corn, this is a pie filling.

This is another popular option.


Spicy chicken, shrimp or chicken breast The classic chili chicken or shrimp is usually served with a side of fried green beans.

But this can also be a good option for those who like spicy food.


Roasted sweet potato, pumpkin, or chocolate chip cookies This is an easy and tasty dessert for Halloween, if you make it ahead of time.


Cranberry sauce This cranberry sauce can be eaten for breakfast or dinner, but is a better option for people who want to keep a healthy Halloween diet going.


Fruit smoothie or granola bar The classic smoothie is often served with fruit, like strawberries or cherries.

This can also go well for a low carb or ketogenic diet.


Pumpkin pie, banana, or pumpkin pie pie This is also a great option for anyone who is looking for something sweet, like the popular banana-pie or the pie made with pumpkin seeds.


Chocolate chip cookie or chocolate cupcake This is one of the most popular cookie recipes for Halloween parties, and you can try making it ahead.


Sweet potatoes, carrots or other vegetables For those looking to get creative, try these sweet potato or carrot recipes.


Bacon, ham, or ham and cheese This is usually eaten as a dip for grilled meats.

For low carb options, try a low fat version.


Maple syrup, chocolate or cocoa syrup or cocoa powder This is often added to many recipes for desserts or baked goods, but it can be a great substitute for sugar.


Spiced pumpkin pie or pumpkin cake This is traditionally a pumpkin pie, but with a sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla.


Coconut cream or cream cheese This can be an excellent addition to a low or keto dessert.


Chocolate syrup, honey or vanilla extract, or other sweetener This is added to desserts like cake, ice cream, or candy.


Apple cider vinegar, honey, or vanilla flavoring This is used to add sweetness to foods.

For example, you may add this to your Halloween cookies.


Caramel, coconut, or coconut milk This can add richness to foods like baked goods or desserts.


Coconut ice cream This is typically used in ice cream for desserts.

For more sweet options, you might add some coconut to your dessert.


Pumpkin seeds, honey (or chocolate) This can make a great dessert, but for those looking for a healthier option, you need to check the label.

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