4 reasons why you need to ditch the bacon, cheese and sour cream from your diet

I have been a proponent of the dairy free diet for many years now.

It has been proven to have an amazing impact on our overall health, but it has also been accused of causing a lot of health issues.

I have recently started taking the time to look at the different types of dairy free options available to me and the ones that are actually good for us.

Here are some reasons why we need to avoid these foods: 1.

Dairy free dairy products are full of sugar and fat The majority of dairy-free foods are made with sugar, which is why you are probably not getting enough nutrients from them.

If you are a vegetarian, it’s unlikely that you will get enough protein or fiber from your dairy-based diet, and many people also think that cheese is too hard to digest.

The truth is that dairy is a very low-calorie food.

If it was a high-caloric food, we would eat lots of it. 2.

Dairy-free dairy products aren’t as nutritious as other dairy products.

There are many reasons for this.

A lot of the processed dairy products you find in stores contain some sort of filler that contains chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics and other harmful ingredients.

These are just a few examples.

There is also a lot more protein in dairy than there is in other foods.

It’s also not a very healthy way to eat, as many studies have shown that the dairy protein content is much lower than what it is in many other meats and dairy products, as well.


Dairy foods contain too many calories If you have a low-protein diet, you will not be able to eat as much as you normally would.

If the amount of calories in your diet is not enough to support your weight, you are likely to feel full after a few days of consuming dairy products like ice cream and cheeses.


Dairy products contain harmful additives and preservatives If you eat dairy, there are a lot less of these harmful ingredients in it than you might think.


Dairy drinks contain lots of fat and sugar There is a lot about the taste and texture of dairy drinks that are completely unknown to most people.

For example, the taste of some dairy drinks is much sweeter than what you might expect.

They are also very high in fat and calories.

These drinks are also often high in sodium.


Dairy contains more sodium than it does fat The amount of sodium in a serving of dairy products is typically higher than the amount that you would find in a large serving of rice or a serving from a serving machine.

There also may be added preservatives and artificial colors.


Dairy has fewer vitamins and minerals A serving of milk contains around 2,500 mg of sodium, compared to a serving made from a cow.

This is due to the fact that the milk is made from cows with high levels of calcium and magnesium.


Dairy milk is often higher in fat than it is protein A lot more fat is found in dairy milk than in milk from a plant.

It is also very low in protein, as the milk has less than 1% of protein in it.

The amount that a serving has of fat is also less than the milk of a cow, which means that most of the fat is from the skin, not the bones.


Dairy is loaded with chemicals Some of the most popular dairy products include ice cream, cheese, cream cheese, milk, yogurt, yoghurt and cream cheese spreads.


Dairy fat is often used in some processed foods As we mentioned above, most of these products are made from cow’s milk.

These products are often loaded with added preservative and artificial colorings.


Dairy causes you to overeat There are some things that are better for you than others, and the best thing about not eating dairy is that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want.


Dairy doesn’t always come from a good source When you go out for a walk, you should always walk with your feet in the grass.

Dairy cows don’t have to graze on the grass to graess.

If a cow is grazing, she will have a lot to eat.

If they don’t, then they will likely starve to death, as they are not used to eating grass.


Dairy makes you fat You will not lose weight on a dairy-filled diet.

The problem is that most people do not realize that they are eating a lot.

A dairy-rich diet has been linked to weight gain and diabetes.


Dairy can make you more likely to get diabetes It is very easy to overeating and not getting proper nutrition if you are not eating a healthy, balanced diet.

This means that your body can actually become resistant to a diet.

If your body is not able to absorb nutrients properly, you may develop a number of health problems including

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