Why do people love this new food truck?

By Katie MascaroUSA Today (USA)Aug 25, 2018 10:08:09A new food-truck franchise is making the food scene in Pittsburgh more exciting and exciting to eat in, and for many people, the food is even better.

In fact, the Pittsburgh Food Truck Project (PFTP) is a new company that is launching a mobile food truck service in the city.

The food truck is going to be available through August 21, 2018, but they will have to wait for the Pittsburgh City Council to approve it.PFTW has plans to serve food and beverages for a few more weeks after that, but there is a big problem.

According to PFTP, the new company is a “food truck without a city.”

The Pittsburgh City council recently passed a new ordinance that bans businesses that sell food on a public sidewalk from selling food on private property.

So, PFTW plans to sell food in the streets without the city telling them to.

However, this is not a new situation.

In fact, PCTP is the same company that started selling food in downtown Pittsburgh in April 2018.

They are planning to continue selling food to Pittsburgh residents and businesses.

PFTs owners and employees have also said that they are open to selling food along with other local businesses and even the city government.

This is all good news for Pittsburgh residents who have been trying to buy or sell food to each other on the streets.PCTP plans to use a new app called PFT.

It is a smartphone app that will allow customers to search for food in their area and order from a menu of trucks that have locations in the area.

The PFT app will allow PFT to sell and buy food for Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Food Trucks will offer food for two weeks and then they will close.

They will be open only on Saturdays and Sundays, but on Thursday and Friday nights they will be available for lunch and dinner.

There will be a limited number of trucks for customers to order food for each day.

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