‘A real life zombie apocalypse’: Man says he was forced to eat food that’s too delicious to eat

A Florida man says he had to eat at least eight different foods he couldn’t eat at home because he thought he was a zombie.

Sam Zuccotti says he got into a fight with his mother when she refused to let him have candy and snacks because he was too delicious.

He says he eventually convinced his mother to let the two of them eat together.

“I think I’m actually a zombie now,” Zuccotto said.

“I think you could say I’m a zombie with my mother and my father.

He said he ate two boxes of cookies and a banana at his mom’s house.

He said he also had a bowl of hot chocolate and a box of chips at his father’s house, and he said he was allowed to eat one box of cookies because he’s not a zombie yet.

“No, I’m not a ghost,” Zucotti said. “

Are you a zombie or not?” she asked him.

“No, I’m not a ghost,” Zucotti said.

When Zuccotta returned home after his fight, he found out that his mom had died.

Zuccotis mother told him she was going to be cremated, and his father died the next day.

Zuccotti said he had no idea what he would eat for dinner the next morning.

“The next day, I came home and the first thing I did was I had to get the last box of candy that I can find,” he said.

He tried to find the rest of the candy at the mall, but he says he never found it.

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