Why you should try the Blue Snack Challenge

Here’s what you need to know about the Blue-Snack Challenge.

The Blue-Smooth Snack Contest was a three-day competition that saw contestants compete in a variety of different food products to see who could produce the best-looking snack.

It was the brainchild of chef, author and blogger Jamie Oliver, who set up the competition to raise awareness of the world’s obesity problem.

To start off, there were four rounds of four challenges that contestants had to complete, including two that were made up of two-minute segments.

Each round featured different foods that were to be served to participants in order to make the most out of the limited time allotted.

Participants then had to select one of the foods and eat it as if it were a standard, everyday meal.

Once selected, they had to eat the product and eat again, only this time eating as though it was a healthy snack.

This was the only way to qualify for the grand prize, which was a Blue-SMooth Snacker Challenge Snack Kit.

After the first round, participants were given one week to finish each of the four challenges, and they had two weeks to complete all four challenges.

After each round, contestants were given a snack pack that included two items.

One of the items was a variety, such as a salad, potato chip, or tuna sandwich, and the other was a traditional fruit snack, such a fruit punch or a chocolate bar.

Participants were required to eat each item within a five-minute period and record their progress on a smartphone.

The results were published in the December 2016 issue of Food & Wine, a magazine for food and beverage professionals.

The next step was to rank the participants based on the number of items they completed and how many points they scored.

Winners were declared and announced in December.

The winner was crowned the winner of the Blue Smooth Snacks Challenge.

To learn more about the challenges, check out Jamie Oliver’s video above.

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