How to keep food on your table, and get away from the kids

As children get older, they start learning how to eat well, and they also start being more creative.

So when it comes to snacks, it’s not as simple as just adding more of the same.

Here are five tips to keep your food on the table when you want to stay away from your kids.


Have something sweet, healthy and delicious that they can eat right away The simplest way to keep kids from becoming a snack snob is to have something sweet and healthy, such as a banana or peanut butter, and add it to the mix.

You can make your own snack by putting some banana slices in a blender, and then using an ice cream scoop or a chocolate chip cookie scoop to add your favorite treats.

If you have kids who are allergic to sugar, you can even make them your own sweet treats by putting in some of your favorite fruit, such a strawberries, banana or blueberries.


Get creative in the kitchen If you’re cooking at home, use the right tools and recipes to create snacks and desserts.

Here’s how to choose the right food for kids, and how to make them more appealing to their tastes and palates.

Use the microwave for a snack, for example.

If your kids are into sweet treats, you might add chocolate chips to your favorite treat.

The microwave works best for chocolate and peanut butter.


Don’t worry if you don’t have enough to feed everyone at once When it comes time to make a meal for all of your kids, be sure to use the kitchen’s handy little dispensers, which are designed to hold just enough food for a meal, no matter how busy you are.

For example, if you’re trying to feed a toddler, you could use a single tray for a breakfast snack, or a double-cup for a dessert.


Give your kids a break If you feel like your kids aren’t eating enough, you may want to give them a break for a few minutes.

Kids who are eating well will start eating earlier, and that’s a good thing, too.

You might want to let them sit for about five minutes or two minutes at a time, before starting your next snack or dessert.


Make it a family event!

When you’re in the midst of planning your family event, you’ll want to include a snack with it.

If kids are eating their favorite treats, they might enjoy a banana, peanut butter or a strawberry.

Try pairing them with a favorite dessert or two.

When you cook with a recipe, remember that you can also make more than one dish, and you can easily add your own favorites, too!

When it’s time to serve your kids their first meal of the day, you should start with the most popular snack, such for example, a peanut butter sandwich.

If the kids aren’s favorite snack is ice cream, they can even add ice cream for dessert.

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