When you have a keto diet, you don’t need to eat sweets!

Keto dieters don’t really need to spend a fortune on food, but it’s important to know how much to eat in order to meet your goals.

The Food Standards Australia (FSA) recommends that you don “eat no more than 200g of carbohydrate per day, or half of your daily energy requirements.”

The goal of eating this way is to keep blood sugar stable.

If you’re overweight or obese, you’ll probably want to eat more, too.

It’s also important to remember that if you’re diabetic, the body will use glucose to fuel your energy needs.

There’s a little-known but important rule of thumb: If you can’t keep your blood sugar at a steady state, you’re likely to crash.

In other words, if you can keep your glucose levels within a safe range, you can avoid serious complications.

But there’s one caveat: If your blood glucose levels are too high, you may not be able to tolerate your carbs in the first place.

In order to stay keto-adapted, it’s recommended that you limit the amount of carbohydrates you consume.

You can see how much carbs you should be eating by checking out our free Keto Diet Calculator.

But if you think you might be struggling to stay within a reasonable range, then you might want to check out our other articles to help you decide how much carbohydrates to eat.

Keto snacks When it comes to snacks to eat during a keto diet, the food standards guidelines aren’t the only thing that matter.

Here’s a quick look at what snacks you can buy to keep your body keto: Chewy chocolate bars Chewy, chocolatey, delicious.

These are a staple in most Australian homes and you can find them in most grocery stores.

They are packed with cocoa butter, nuts and seeds.

Nutella or hazelnut ice cream These two types of ice cream are similar to the kind you can get in a candy store.

The one big difference is that hazelnuts are more nutritious than their sweet counterparts.

If it’s too hard to find them, you could also try to find other snacks that are keto friendly.

Favourite snacks to snack on During a ketoworking keto adventure, there’s always something you’ll love to indulge in.

Some of these delicious snacks will help you to keep you motivated, while others might help you lose weight.

Here are a few of the keto snacks to try during your ketoworks: Keto cookies Keto-friendly, but too much carbs!

This chocolate-chip cookie is perfect for a quick snack during your meal.

It has no sugar, so it won’t give you a sugar rush and won’t burn you.

It also doesn’t contain a lot of calories, so you can enjoy it while still eating healthy.

It makes a great breakfast or lunch too.

Kebab sandwich The same cookie recipe but with a different flavour!

This keto sandwich is so versatile, you might even decide to make it your main meal for the day.

Kefir salad With ketchup, avocado, mayo and cucumber dressing.

Kegel cakes This ketowORKer has been eating keto for over five years, and has learned a lot about the diet.

But it’s the way he prepares it that makes him so happy.

Kepi cake Kepis, also known as Japanese noodles, are a great snack that are high in protein and fibre.

These cakes are made with a special mix of kepi and coconut oil.

This ketogenic version of a cake can be a bit pricey, but if you like the taste and texture, you probably won’t be disappointed.

The Kefira dessert, which is also known locally as “the sweet potato”, is a ketogenic alternative to Kefirs.

They come in different flavours, and each recipe is unique.

This recipe is the easiest to prepare, and it’s also packed with healthy fat, protein and a lot more.

Kale salad This salad is one of the most popular keto treats.

This is a delicious, healthy salad with a little extra fat, fibre and protein.

Kettle corn salad It’s a great way to get some protein in a ketotic diet.

Kesari, a traditional Indian dish, is a great source of fiber and protein as well.

These salads can be used in many ways, and they can also be used as an ingredient in other dishes.

Here is a complete list of keto recipes that you can make for free during your Keto Meal plan.

The next step is to try some of these keto snack recipes to see if you’ll be happy with the result.

We hope you’ll join us on the next keto trip!

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