How to make a simple, easy salad and drink out of frozen vegetables

In the run-up to Christmas, I wanted to find out how to make an easy, nutritious and delicious salad out of leftovers from a healthy diet.

I decided to use frozen peas, carrots and spinach.

How to make frozen peas and carrots in one bowl How to freeze peas and carrot in one pot How many vegetables are you looking for?

I have some frozen peas (which are actually peas with seeds) and carrots.

I’m going to use about 2 large carrots for the leftovers.

Cut up a small green onion and cut it into bite-size pieces.

Heat a medium frying pan with a few tbsp of oil.

Add a little bit of water and a little extra water to the pan.

Cook the peas and onions until they start to soften and brown.

You can use whatever kind of cooking oil you prefer to cook the peas.

When the peas are cooked, remove them from the pan and set aside.

Mix together some flour and mix with your hands.

Once the peas have cooked a bit, add some water to them.

Cook the peas for a couple of minutes, adding a little more water as the peas cook.

Remove the peas from the water and set them aside.

Cut up a big handful of spinach.

I used a good handful.

Now that the peas cooked a lot, it was time to make the spinach.

Cut the spinach into chunks.

Set aside a small bowl and add the cooked peas, chopped spinach and some fresh mint leaves.

Make a big batch of the spinach in the fridge.

It’s quite nutritious.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and then add some spinach leaves to the spinach mixture.

Place the spinach back into the pan, add a little of water to get the spinach to dissolve and then cook for another minute or so.

Add some more water if needed.

The spinach is ready now.

Put it in a food processor and chop up some spinach.

This will give you a great texture and flavour for the soup.

Put the soup into bowls and serve it.

It’ll be delicious.

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