How to make Indian snacks from scratch

BEST PIE SANDWICH: Indian snacks can be as simple as a crusty roll topped with butter, jam, pickle, chopped coriander and chopped mint.

But how do you make them from scratch?

The basics: 1. 

A dough: The most basic Indian snack recipe is a roll, often a doughnut, filled with rice flour, rolled in cinnamon, sugar and chopped corihin, the Indian spice mixture.

This dough can be made with whole grain flour, white flour or any other dry-flour mixture.


Making the filling:  Indian dishes are known for their filling. 

Curry leaves are the traditional filling, which is made from crushed cilantro and green chilies.

You can make your own by chopping finely chopped cilantro. 

You can also make your filling with coconut milk.


Picking the flavors: Indian food often has a lot of sweet flavors, so pick the ones that are sweet and savory.

To add flavor, you can add salt, curry powder, sugar, chopped ginger or dried mint.


Cooking: Indians make a special Indian dessert called “aap ke liye,” a sweet coconut milk-based dessert that can be served in any Indian restaurant.


Desserts: You might be thinking: what about Indian desserts?

Dessert recipes often include nuts, raisins, dried fruits, yogurt, milk, dried fruit juice or a combination of all three.

For Indian desserts, you may want to try the “purao,” a traditional sweet dessert. 

(Read more: What you need to know about Indian snacks)6. 

Indian desserts can be simple or elaborate.

You can make a simple dessert with the filling and jam, like a pulao, or a dessert with an extensive variety of ingredients, like an Indian dessert.


Spices and spices can be found in many Indian desserts.

Here are some of the common ones: cinnamon: In some dishes, cinnamon is used to spice the mix.

In others, it’s used to make the jam.

In other recipes, cinnamon adds a savory flavor to the jam or filling.

  ginger: Ginger is used as a sweetener in many dishes.

In many dishes, it is used for the filling.

It’s also used in the traditional indian dessert “kamchod” (bamboo roll) as a base for the jam, which also includes crushed coriand ginger. 

mixed spices: A mix of spices is a common ingredient in many indian desserts, like “kabadi” or Indian rice rolls, bengal and pana-kabari. 

bengala leaves: Bengala is used in many traditional desserts like “fava” (rice roll) and “patta-patta,” and is also used as an ingredient in the filling for many traditional Indian desserts like the pulaoj (Indian dessert). 

patta: pata is a type of fruit that’s also eaten in India.

It’s used in a lot more than just traditional Indian food.

It can be used in savory, sweet, savory and savoy flavors.

The main flavor of the patta: patta is also known as “tayyab,” or “pita,” in Hindi.

You’ll notice that pita is sometimes called “tayad” or “tadam” in Indian desserts and recipes. 

pani: Pani is the name of the Indian fruit that can also be used as the filling in Indian food, but is also often referred to as “mushroom.” 

Bengal leaves: Burgers and patties can have the same filling as a curry, or with a different type of spice. 

Mushrooms are also often used in recipes like the “fakka,” or curry-based version of the curry. 

tayam: Tayam is a kind of fruit or vegetables that is used mostly in the Indian dessert “makhshar,” which is usually made with rice.

Patta and tayam can be combined in the same recipe, or you can make them separately. 


Indian snacks and beverages can also include fruits and spices, like chutney, mint, or green chilis.

You might want to make a curry with green chili or mint chutneys or a curry-flavored yogurt.8.

Indian desserts can also contain herbs, like parsley and mint.

You may want a curry topped with parsley, mint or a chutnish dessert with parsnips, mint and achil chilchas.

Indian desserts are usually made from a mix of

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