How to make a salad with a waffle iron

The easiest way to make the ultimate waffle fix is with a salad.

With a wafer-thin waffle and the right ingredients, this salad is as easy as it gets.

But you’ll need to be extra careful to avoid too much of the waffle as the batter will quickly melt.

 The ingredients you’ll want to make for this salad are the same as for the salad at the grocery store.

You’ll want something like: Waffle iron  (make the batter in a wafers skillet or waffle maker, then fry it in a skillet with a small amount of oil and cook until golden brown) Waffle flour (you can get it from the store or make your own at home) Canned tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, lettuce, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

I like to use the Cheddar-Cucumber Salad (or any of the other popular ones) but you can also use some of your favorite grilled meats or cut up some vegetables and use it as a side dish.

I used this salad for dinner last night, so it’s a quick and easy way to use up the waffles.

You can either use the wafered waffle, or use a waffled waffle pan, which makes a better salad if you have a larger waffle or pan.

The ingredients are the wafer batter, the salad, and the waffles.

The batter is so simple and quick to make that you can use it for many different salads.

I also like to make my own waffle batter and put it in my waffle oven.

This is a simple and easy recipe, and makes a wonderful waffle lunch.

For a full recipe, including pictures, click here.

The following recipe is adapted from the cookbook The Lad, by James R. Pate.

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